My 10 favourite books of 2013


I managed to read over 60 books last year, so getting that down to just ten for this list certainly wasn’t the easiest thing to do. These aren’t necessarily the ten ‘best’ books I read last year (if they were then I would definitely have to replace Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer with Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea for a start) but they are my favourite ten and the ten that I most enjoyed reading. Continue reading


September book reviews.


Okay so I took these pictures on the 1st October, meaning to write this post that evening, but then the month suddenly got super busy and now here we are, weeks later, and I can barely even remember what I thought about half of these books. So in light of that, let’s go for less-than-100-word reviews! Short and sweet and totally not the result of my terrible planning.

(Maybe next time I do this I’ll take notes on the books immediately after reading instead of relying on my appalling memory.) Continue reading